Keynotes Speaker

IPB University, Indonesia

Auzi Asfarian is the Student Affair Officers in Department of Computer Science, Bogor Agricultural University (CS IPB). He build the students community ecosystem in through various means to sharpen the students skills and motivation. This leads to nomination of CS IPB as the most outstanding students in IPB two years in a row (2017-2018)

Google Dev Expert, Australia

As Google Dev Expert in Product Design and Strategy (UX), Josh has a passion for the design, development, and use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for solving business problems and leveraging the User Experience (UX) of products and services. He has more than 15 years of experience helping companies in Europe and Asia Pacific in creating business strategy, disruptive technology, marketing, and branding of successful products and services.

Binus University, Indonesia

Yohannes is a Head of Information Systems Program at BINUS UNIVERSITY currently. He has got various strategic experiences as Head of Business Information Technology Program, Head of Information Systems and Accounting (Dual Degree Program), Head of Information System and Management (Dual Degree Program), Vice Chair of ACM SIGCHI and Vice President of Conference and Meeting Indonesia for the Association for Information System (

Google Dev Expert, Indonesia

Dr Eunice Sari is the CEO and Co-Founder of UX Indonesia, the first Asian female Google Developer expert in Product Design and Strategy and the first Asian female Google Certified Design Sprint Master. Having more than 15 years of experience in academics and industries, she has helped a lot of organizations to accelerate their digital transformation as well as to pioneer innovative UX projects that affect changes in lives and improve the bottom line of businesses in USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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