Call for Workshop Proposal

We invite you to submit proposal for workshops at CHIuXiD 2024. Workshops are a gathering place for attendees with shared interests to meet in the context of a focused and interactive discussion. They are an opportunity to move a field forward and build community: a chance to find people who care about the same issues, questions, and research agendas as you.

CHIuXiD workshops might address basic research, applied research, HCI practice, HCI education, new methodologies, emerging application areas, or design innovations. Each workshop should generate ideas that will give the HCI community a new, organized way of thinking about the topic or that suggest promising directions for future work. If you are working in an emerging area in HCI, please consider organizing a workshop.

An Important Note on CHIuXiD 2024 Workshops
When you submit your workshop, we will ask you if this is a re-submission of a workshop that was accepted to CHIuXiD 2024. Such workshops will be given special consideration but are not automatically accepted. The nature of workshops is such that appropriate workshop topics and organizers change very rapidly.

What is a CHIuXiD Workshop?
Workshops are held on 16 Nov 2024. Workshops are scheduled for four-six working hours in one day. A typical workshop will have 12 to 25 participants, with a minimum of 10 paying participants.

Workshops are intended to foster discussion and exchange ideas. Because focused interaction among participants is important, participants should have informed positions based on prior experience. This is typically expressed in position papers submitted by workshop attendees. Workshops should not be miniature paper presentation sessions, but focus on community building and communal knowledge creation.

There are two groups of people involved in a workshop: the organizers and the participants. Organizers are responsible for the workshop’s topic, logistics, and final outcome. Participants are responsible for the content and discussion. The following is an outline of the submission and organization process:

  • Workshop organizers submit a workshop proposal (see below for content and format) to CHIuXiD 2024.
  • The Workshop Chairs choose which workshops will be accepted for the conference.
  • Once a workshop is accepted, workshop organizers are responsible for publicizing the workshop and soliciting potential participants. Workshop organizers solicit participants for their workshop through a Call for Participation. CHIuXiD will also place a link to the workshop’s website on a page listing accepted workshops.
  • Upon acceptance, the workshop organizers are required to create a CONTENT with workshop specific information. The workshop organizers may decide to cap the number of attendees for the workshop.

Preparing and Submitting your Workshop Proposal

The submission must follow the single-column Article Template (in Word format). Please read carefully and familiarize yourself with the information about the template above for the initial submission or publication. Failure to comply with the template within the deadlines provided will result in a Desk Rejection of the submission or cancellation of the publication. It must be submitted via email to ykurniawan[at] as a single PDF file. The proposal must be no more than 9 pages (including references) and have the following structure:

  • Background: Provide a strong rationale for the workshop, describe the issues to be addressed, and state concrete goals for the workshop.
  • Organizers: Present the organizers’ backgrounds, including the main contact person.
  • Website: Provide details of the planned website, including the URL. (This may be TBD until after acceptance.)
  • Pre-Workshop Plans: State your plans for recruiting and community-building (e.g. through a website or other communication with participants).
  • Workshop Structure: Explain in detail the workshop structure, including activities, timing, and resources. Please note that we can offer no guarantees beyond the necessary room space and limited supplies of markers and flip charts.
  • Post-Workshop Plans: State your plans for follow-up and creation of tangible outcomes (e.g., poster presentation, publication of a workshop report, plans for a special issue of a journal).
  • Call for Participation: Provide a 250-word Call for Participation that will be posted on the conference site to recruit participants for your workshop. This should appear at the end of your Extended Abstract, and should include the following:
  • The format and goals of the workshop
  • The participant selection criteria
  • Requirements for position papers (e.g. topics to address, page length, format)
  • Where these papers should be submitted
  • The requirement that at least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop and that all participants must register for both the workshop and for at least one day of the conference.
  • A link to the workshop website.
  • References: Please add any relevant references using the updated CHI reference format. References, which should likely be minimal, must be included within the 9-page limit.

This Extended Abstract is the only document from the workshop which will be included in the CHIuXiD conference proceedings (ISBN), not submitted to scientific database. Any position papers or other material submitted by workshop participants are not included.

Additionally, please note the following rules pertaining to workshops (most of which are not new rules, but we are making them more explicit this year):

  • Authors are limited to being on 2 workshops proposals.
  • Carefully consider the length of your proposed workshop – the potential to attract enough of a CHIuXiD audience needs to be commensurate with the workshop length.
  • There are a lot of factors and constraints that play into the scheduling decisions and so the workshop date and time is scheduled by the workshop chairs and not chosen by the organizers.

Important Dates

• Full paper submission: 2 September 2024.

• Notification to authors: 11 October 2024.

• Camera-ready version: 225 October 2024.

Submit your workshop through email ykurniawan[at]

All submission will be subjected to double-blind review process and therefore the submissions to these categories should be anonymized, i.e. reference to authors and their affiliations must be removed. All authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by the dates mentioned against each category along with the review comments on their submissions. Based on the individual comments, authors will be instructed to submit the Camera Ready version of their submissions on or before the advertised dates against different categories.

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