Hacksprint is a combination of design sprint and hackathon competition, where Startup Founders, Students, Professionals and Academics develop solutions within a limited time frame.


The theme of the CHIuXiD 2019 Hacksprint CHIuXiD 2019 is “Digital Transformation for Environmental Sustainability”. We are looking for ideas, concepts, technology and solutions that potentially address those environmental issues using innovative digital technologies. In a group of three, you can submit your proposal here
More information about the rules and guideline of the hacksprint submission can be found here

CHIuXiD 2019 Hacksprint Finalist

No Team Name University Team Member Product Name
Bina Nusantara University
Sandra Ruberto, Kenny Laksamana, Kusuma
Gadjah Mada University
Kairania Qalbi Gita, Prasulistiyono Putra
Universitas Gadjah Mada
Mahda Salsabila, Karina Dita Mandasari, Zyan Tharra Ardina
Zulfikar Firdaus, Edwin Riwaldo
First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities
Sarah Rose Gonzaga, Shiejay Gumalal, Jan Ezra Panganiban
Eye Health Application
Victory Team
Multimedia Nusantara University
Kevin Martin, Danzel Sasputra Tama, Cipta Sugianto Gunawan
Weather Forecast Application
Multimedia Nusantara University
Jericho Cristofel Siahaya, George Joseph Kristianto, Rizky Azzakky
JinJing: The Tote Bag Vending Machine
toba team
Multimedia Nusantara University
Nur Alief Maulana, Ghifary Aufar Hendrawin, Dicky Sanjaya


Hacksprint is usually not intended as a competition, but to appreciate the passion and effort of contestants, we offer:

  • 1st Prize: IDR 5.000.000
  • 2nd Prize: IDR 3.000.000
  • 3rd Prize: IDR 2.000.000

What You Get

  • Elevate your design to the next level and become an innovator on environment sustainability
  • Access to a board of international reviewers and experienced mentor that will give you feedback and wisdom to make your design even better
  • Access to our conference in Surabaya, where you can enjoy a good networking session and widen your knowledge through keynote speech and workshop

Important Dates

  • 11 February 2019: Proposal Submission
  • 18 February 2019: Announcement of the Semifinalists
  • 28 February 2019: Prototype Submission
  • 4 March 2019: Payment Deadline
  • 3-4 April 2019: Hacksprint in Surabaya
  • 5 April 2019: Conference and Final Presentation

Registration Fee

The registration fee structure for the Hacksprint is the following:

  • International Team: USD 225/team
  • Indonesian Team: IDR 1.950.000/team
Note: The fee includes 2-day Hacksprint Workshop (3-4 April 2019) + 1-day International CHIuXiD 2019 Conference  (5 April 2019)

We also have good news for the semifinalists who register before 1st March 2019, you will receive 50% Cashback when you attend the Hacksprint Workshop and for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners,  you will receive 100% Cashback for your registration + Financial Prize.

Design Brief

With the initiation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by United Nation in 2015, we are all encouraged to protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. In line with SDGs, CHIuXiD Hacksprint 2019 will challenge you to transform your ideas into a prototype of technology that will make positive impact on environment and society.

You can focus on one of seventeen SDGs goals related to environment (e.g. renewable energy and climate action). You can also gain inspiration from the environment problem around you, because a small thing that done in a long period of time will also have a great impact. We require you to used HCI and UX practices to involve your users in your development process. Do not forget to test your prototype, even in the lowest fidelity form, to make sure your solution works!

By participating in this hacksprint, we hope you can elevate your design to the next level and become an innovator on environment sustainability. We provide you access to a board of international reviewers and experienced mentors that will give you feedback and insight. You will also get access to our conference in Surabaya, where you can enjoy a good networking session and widen your knowledge through keynote speech and workshop. Do your best to create a positive impact on the world!



How important the problem in society? Is this a new problem to solve, or already solved by other products? How many people will be affected by it?

UX Methodology

How well the team perform UX methodology? Includes user research, persona, user journey, and insight driven design, etc.


Does the solution have interesting interactions and able to engage users? How well prototypes are made depicting the envisioned product?


Does the team able to present their work clearly, concisely, in the given time? Are demonstrations able to show the value proposition of the proposed work?

Hacksprint Proposal Reviewers

  • Amira Budi Mutiara, UX Indonesia, Indonesia
  • Atana Sarah Dinda Nadhirah, Axiata Digital Services, Indonesia
  • Auzi Asfarian, IPB University, Indonesia
  • Firman Ardiansyah, IPB University Indonesia
  • Gilang Andi Pradana, Next Creation Inc., Japan
  • Indri Nurul Gayatri, Jojonomic Pte Ltd, Indonesia
  • Johan Setiawan, Multimedia Nusantara University, Indonesia
  • Judith Borghouts, Microsoft, United Kingdom
  • Masitah Ghazali, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Novia Admodisastro, Universiti of Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Rahmat Saputra, UX Indonesia, Indonesia
  • Rivandi Anjas Putranto, Bukalapak, Indonesia
  • Sandy Sugama, UX Indonesia, Indonesia
  • Shamsul Arrieya Ariffin, Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia

Hacksprint Mentor

  • Aaron Quigley, University of St. Andrews, Scotland
  • Auzi Asfarian, IPB University, Indonesia
  • Eleftherios Avramidis, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Germany
  • Ellya Zulaikha, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia
  • Eunice Sari, Google Developer Expert in Product Design, UX Indonesia
  • Felecia, Petra Christian University, Surabaya
  • Friederike Fröbel, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Germany
  • Heli Rantavuo, Spotify, Sweden
  • Josh (Adi Tedjasaputra), Google Developer Expert in Product Design, UX Indonesia
  • Julie Williamson, University of Glasgow, Scotland
  • Leo Willyanto Santoso, Petra Christian University, Surabaya
  • Priscilla Nu, SP Group, Singapore
  • Yohannes Kurniawan, Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia

CHIuXiD 2018 Hacksprint Winner

Rank Product Name University Product Description
Gadjah Mada University
Present their products that makes blood analysis easier and faster
Gadjah Mada University
Makora is an application that useful for users who want to shape their body by live healthily.
Hey Liz!
Gadjah Mada University
Hey Liz creating a chatbot for depressed people.

List of CHIuXiD 2018 Hacksprint Participants can be seen here

CHIuXiD 2018 Hacksprint Testimonies

“This Hacksprint has been fun has been lot of learning, but its very-very helpful. I feel the design sprint is very helpful because it teach us 5 steps to do before design the product. Our mentor share his story, his experience, and it give us motivation to learn new things.”

– Stefen Ahmadaus, Universitas Gadjah Mada

“We learn about very great for us because we can finish our work which is just for 2 days to build our project. For you, let’s join with us on the next hacksprint this is really impressive, this is really a fun day and that you learn anything here, you can learn a new knowledge and we can have a new friend.”

– Deskawati, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

Highlights from Previous Hacksprint


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